In 2017 the meetings were:



Club Pikkujoulu


Business + Presentation

Heini Hakosalo

 Finnish Health 100 years


Social Meeting



Launch of the company ContextCare


 Business + Presentation

 Juha Risteli

 Vaccination: A Historical and Personal View

 Juha briefly described the vaccination situation in Finland over the past decades and contrasted this with the situation in the United States.  He finished with a consideration of the current status of the Rotary 'End Polio Now' project.


Business + Presentation

Maria Melnikova

Business Connections with Russia

Maria discussed the opportunities, and dangers, of business with Russia from the point of view of Oulu-based companies.




 A visit by Rotary District 1400 Governor Martti Matikainen and Assistant Governor Venanzia Rizzi

 A review of the Club's activities and consideration of District assistance that could be provided





 Preparing for the visit by the District Governor to take place the following week


 Business + Presentation

 Tuomo Vilppula

Koulunkäyntiä Palestiinassa [in English]

 An account of a posting to Palestine several years ago to assist with educational provision.


 Business + Presentation

 Zara Kukkamaa

 The International Winter and Summer Programme of the University of Oulu

 Zara described the multinational programme, especially with regards to students from China.


 Social Meeting



 Club Development

 A guided walk around some of the Statues and Monuments in the Centre of Oulu.




 Business + Presentation

 Hannu Kaikkonen

 Exercise Testing for Sedentary People

 Hannu discussed the setting of exercise tests for persons wanting avearge health and wellbeing, in contrast to those planning an athletic career.


Social Meeting



Members of the Club visited the Lekker Pancake House for a meal and conversation.





 Members of the Club visited Poikientalo in Oulu and were given an overview of its work. [Subsequently the Club made a cash donation of 500€ to Poikientalo].


Business + Presentation

 Sandra Marcelletti


Sandra spoke about the Restaurant Day event she was organising.  The Club in due course contributed 100€ to the charitable causes that this event supported.


Business + Presentation

 Jukka Harjula

 Health care in Africa

Jukka spoke about his experiences as a Doctor in Africa and of the changes in his attitudes that this experience provoked.


 Harri Hyppä

 Social Dreaming

 Harri described ‘Social Dreaming’ as an attempt to create a situation in which participants share accounts of their dreams. In other words it was an attempt to create “a sort of space” in which people could share their dreams and thoughts. A controversial presentation that generated considerable discussion.


 Business + Presentation

 Aaltje Bos


 Altje spoke of her intention to found a company.  [See also 23/11/2017].





 Club Development and welcoming of new members.


 Business + Presentation

 Margit Paatalo

 Health, Social Services and Regional Government Reform in Finland

 Margit examined the objectives, and current status, of the reform of services currently under way.



Riku Repo

Autism at Work

Riku discussed the phenomenon of autism and of how it should be reacted to. It was emphasised that autistic individuals could both benefit from carefully designed and presented training, and make important contributions to society and team-based activities in their own right. Acceptance of diversity in personal characteristics was therefore important. 


 Business + Presentation

 Melissa De Vos, Duarte Freise, Wietse Steenmans

 An Improved Treatment regime for Stroke Sufferers

 Students from the University of Applied Sciences described project work.




 Members of the Club visited Studio Formo in Peltola


 Burns Supper

In collaboration with the English Club of Oulu the OIRC mounted the annual "Most Northerly Burns Supper in the World".






 Business + Presentation

 Esa Kantola

 Suomen Kuulotuki

 Esa described the background to, and nature of, his personal company.