Previous Meetings

In 2018 the meetings were:


Meeting Type








The meeting about club activities.



Maija-Leena Virta-Kangas

Speak on "International Inner Wheel".




The meeting about club activities.


Business + Presentation

 Emma Tessier

Speak on "Oulu Sinfonia concert tour".



The meeting where we considered opportunities for Club development identified at the meeting of February 5th, 2018.


Business + Presentation

 Kai Latvalehto

Speak on "Rootlesness between two countries". This is background to the much praised film "Laulu Koti-Ikavasta" by Mika Ronkainen.




The meeting considered a variety of items ranging from communications from other clubs to opportunities for Club development.


Business + Presentation

Susanna Kaisto

“Developing 3D-bioprinted minikidneys for personalised medicine.

Susanna described her work in developing printable arrays of minikidneys.  Such objects on a chip could either be used for personalised medicine or for developing treatment methods for the population at large. She ended by describing her participation as team leader in the Helsinki Challenge, in which her team was one of seven finalists.


Business + Presentation

Antonio Calo

"From Venice to Oulu ... and Beyond"

This presentation summarised the career progress that brought Antonio to Oulu, but developed into an active discussion, including all members present, of one of his professional interests --- smart power grids.



Open House