Our happenings - The things we do in our club

Most of what we do takes place at our regular meetings, though that can be fairly varied!


The following gives a fair presentation of what our meetings can be like


Club Business

Bah! Boring! Actually not, though we do try to limit this to what is absolutely necessary. The club does not run itself, and those with special responsibilities feed back to the membership whenever necessary.  Mostly though business is kept to the beginning of a meeting.



Whenever we can we invite some interesting person to come and tell us what they are doing or have done.  It may be a member with an interesting career, or an external contact from, well, anywhere.  The aim is to learn a little more about the world and what is happening in it.  Almost always the presentation ends with a lively discussion about the subject.


Outside Visit

For a visit members assemble[by invitation] at some local venue and take a look at what is happening.  The venue might be a local company, or even a charity that the Club is thinking of supporting.  Both have happened over the last twelve months.  All members are encouraged to come along, though not all manage every visit.


Social Event

Well we like to have fun, and hope that we are an interesting group of people.  Social events are limited only by our imaginations.  Past events have ranged from a guided stroll round Oulu looking at things that otherwise might be overlooked, through visits to restaurants, to bike rides and barbecues. Of course, the after-meeting chats are social too!


Charity Fund raisers

The Club regularly mounts 'Special Events' to raise money for charity.


In the past this has included Concerts with voluntary contributions by local artists.  More recently they have been 'Burns Suppers' organised in cooperation with the English Club of Oulu.  Burns Suppers originated in Scotland to commemorate the life and work of their National Poet Robert ('Rabbie') Burns.  Nowadays they are celebrated all over the world, and not just by Scots.  Whilst there is a traditional format (always with a meal including the Scots delicacy haggis) the basic objective is to have a good time in good company.


Below are some links to the Suppers of the past.  Watch out for the next one, and come along!


Of course, we are always looking out for good ideas for other fund-raising activities --- and for volunteers to help bring them to life.  If you have such ideas let us know using the link below.

Previous Club Events

Burns Supper, February 4th 2017

The Club again collaborated with the English Club of Oulu in the presentation of the annual joint Burns Supper, which the two Clubs claim to be the 'Most Northerly Burns Supper in the World'.