the club mission statement

As you may imagine the Mission statement, whilst clear to members, is capable of various interpretations at the level of detail.

The latest version reads:




To Contribute to Social, Cultural, and Economic Development


As a Club, we value international competence, such as openness to innovative ideas for developing communities, alternative ways of understanding, being proactive of getting to know people, and trust building.


The short-term objectives of the Club are


·         To increase membership with emphasis on younger people, e.g. with over 20 members in 2020.


·         To offer a mixed environment for Finns and foreigners alike.


·         To improve the attractiveness of the OIRC.


·         To increase awareness of the OIRC.


·         To demonstrate the relevance of the OIRC.


·         To become the leading international Rotary Club of Finland.


·         To stay a financially sound Club.