Meetings (etc.)

Our meetings can be divided into four types:

  • Business
  • Presentations
  • Visits
  • Social

Business meetings are the most formal.  In them we try to deal with the everyday tasks of running a club and meeting our objectives.

Presentation meetings feature an invited speaker who talks on some topic of interest.  These meetings often turn into discussions.

For visits we go out somewhere to take a look at what is going on locally in the cultural or business scene.

Finally we have social meetings.  We are a friendly group and those who wish might visit a restaurant together, or an art gallery, or ... whatever.

Where and When

Our Business and Presentation meetings are held at NjetworkInn, Isokatu 56 in Oulu.  However we also make visits to places of interest and hold social meetings wherever we feel it appropriate.

We aim to have at least one meeting every two weeks on a Monday, but may have them weekly if opportunities arise, or even skip one occasionally.  Meetings are always listed on this site, and members are emailed in advance about any changes or unusual arrangements.

Formal meetings start at 18:00 and typically, but not always, finish between 19:00 and 19:15.  Those members who wish will stay on for a while to chat.